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Tuesday, May 21

10:00 CEST

Introduction to Deep Learning
Artificial intelligence relies on a few mathematical principles that can seem scary when you look at them from a distance. But if you take a step by step approach, you will find that the math involved is not too complex and that any software developer can understand the basics. In this session, Laurent Bugnion, a Cloud Developer Advocate working with Microsoft will share his recent journey discovering the basics of Deep Learning. We will not make data scientists out of you, but we will enable you to understand what people talk about when they mention artificial intelligence. We will see how Azure can help you with tools, services and machines. Last but not least, we will also have a discussion about the ethics of AI and what we should be careful about.

avatar for Laurent Bugnion

Laurent Bugnion

I work as Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft after almost 10 years spent working for IdentityMine and Valorem, two leading firms in Microsoft technologies. I am one of the foremost experts for XAML and C# based development. I code in Azure, Windows, WPF, Xamarin (iOS and... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 10:00 - 11:00 CEST
Room 4

11:30 CEST

Intelligent Cloud to Intelligent Edge: Deep dive into Azure IoT Edge
As the capabilities of small devices grow, so does the need to provide end to end solutions from cloud to device. In this session we'll explore the Azure IoT Edge technology, leveraging cloud technology to manage devices at scale and make them intelligent. Azure services such as training Machine Learning models, Cognitive services and Stream processing can now be seamlessly leveraged and deployed into the Edge. 

In this session we’ll tackle real world scenarios being implemented by customers across Europe, you'll understand how the technology works, how to develop modules and how to leverage your cloud skills to control the edge.

Some understanding of Azure IoT Hub is recommended.

avatar for Katrien De Graeve

Katrien De Graeve

Part of the Global Black Belt team at Microsoft Europe, Katrien focuses on helping customers leverage the Azure platform for implementing IoT solutions. This includes architecture design sessions and workshops, guiding customers through the Azure IoT choices, SDKs and best practices... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:30 - 12:30 CEST
Room 3

11:30 CEST

Managing your data science pipeline like a dev would
As data scientists, we are used to developing and training machine learning models in our favorite Python notebook or an IDE, like VS Code. Then, we hand off the resultant model to an app developer who integrates it into the larger application and deploys it. As AI is infused into more business-critical applications, it is increasingly clear that we need to collaborate closely with our app developer colleagues to build and deploy AI-powered applications more efficiently.
In this session we'll take a deep dive into how to setup a CI/CD pipeline for data science. You'll learn how to leverage Azure Machine Learning and Azure DevOps to bridge the data science and application lifecycles more effectively.

avatar for Nick Trogh

Nick Trogh

Nick Trogh is the Azure Developer Audience Technical Lead for Microsoft WE HQ. He’s engaging with professional developers to guide them on the path towards Azure ninja status. His main technology focus is on Cloud, AI and conversational interfaces. You can also find him as a speaker... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:30 - 12:30 CEST
Room 6

11:30 CEST

Self – Driving cars through Imitation learning and Reinforcement learning
Ever since the inception of ImageNet in 2012. AI and particularly deep learning gained a lot of traction. Many new deep learning techniques have emerged since then. These had profound implications for the state of the art in self – driving cars technology.
In this session we are going to do an introduction in to of the key concepts behind this technology. Particularly we designed a small self-driving car based on the DonkeyCar framework. This self driving car uses both Imitation learning and Reinforcement learning. Imitation learning is often used as the basis for reinforcement learning, as state of the art reinforcement learning is still takes a long time to converge.
We will walk you through the basic implementation of these ideas and by the end of this session you should be able to create your own self – driving – rc – car.

avatar for Cédric Vandelaer

Cédric Vandelaer

Cédric is a technical software engineer at the enabling technologies department of Cegeka. He has done a lot of pet projects in the past, ranging from mobile development to utilizing distributed ledger technology (blockchain). For the last few years however, deep learning has been... Read More →
avatar for Nicky Eichmann

Nicky Eichmann

Nicky started his carrier in 2003 in a research environment where he did applied research for companies. After several years of developing distributed systems, custom domotics and drones, he made the switch to work in an enterprise where he was responsible for Microsoft Dynamics CRM... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:30 - 12:30 CEST
Room 10

13:45 CEST

Managing the conversation flow within a Bot
If there's one challenge with conversational interfaces and bots, that has to be how effortless and smooth the interaction between 
the user and the bot has to be. 

The user shouldn't even feel like they're conversing with a program.

That's why thinking about how to handle the conversation flow when building bots is an essential task for developers. 

In this talk, we will go through how to manage the conversation flow with Microsoft Bot Framework and dialogs. 

We will see some demos on how to handle multiple dialogs, context, user interruptions and validate input etc...

avatar for Rabeb Othmani

Rabeb Othmani

Rabeb is a developer advocate at Nexmo focusing on cloud communication APIs and conversational AI. Other than writing code for a living, Rabeb advocates to bring more women and minorities into tech. She is leading the Women Who Code Network in Bristol.

Tuesday May 21, 2019 13:45 - 14:45 CEST
Room 1

15:00 CEST

Architectural Design Patterns for Computer Vision Services accessible by Cloud and/or Edge
Design and implementation of outstanding enterprise software architecture which manifests services in both local and cloud computing is difficult.  Historically, computer vision services ran in cloud or edge modalities but, because of huge advances in machine learning there are many use cases for a hybrid approach. 
Join Tim Huckaby in elaborating his two-year journey (the successes, the failures, the lessons learned) in building an enterprise suite of software with distributed dev teams.   And what the future holds for real time computer vision systems.
Typically, computer vision services that run on the edge offer incredible performance at the cost of precision, scale and flexible management.  Additionally, in the current state of Machine Learning (ML) computer vision services that run on the edge can take significant expertise to build. 
Computer Vision Services that run in the cloud are cost effective, easy to implement, “canned” solutions that are built by the world’s computer vision machine learning experts so all the “hard stuff” is already done for you.   But, by running in a cloud modality, you sacrifice performance and require a network connection with bandwidth.
When you add the complications of providing services both in the cloud and on the edge the complexity is almost overwhelming.    
Compounding the complication of this type of software architecture are containers, different types of machine learning models, different edge models, distributed computing models,
Another challenge is that managing systems like these in the cloud can get expensive quickly; especially when developers make mistakes, so a tactical plan is required to keep cloud solutions cost effective; which makes this type of cloud architecture even more challenging. 
The session is designed for broad audience appeal with goals to get you smart on:
  • The current state of the machine learning revolution and where it’s headed in the future
  • designing, building and delivering real time machine learning based systems
  • cloud / edge modalities in including the concepts of Edge, Light Edge, Heavy Edge
  • software architecture for systems that use cloud and/or edge real time services.

avatar for Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences.Mr. Huckaby has over 35 years of technology experience including serving on a server product team as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft.  Mr... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Room 8

15:00 CEST

Language models: how do they work and when do they work for you?
Language models are a crucial part of many Natural Language Processing pipelines. They are used in Speech-to-Text, Part-of-Speech tagging, Machine Translation, Optical Character Recognition, Intent Classification in chatbots etc. I will explain the overall idea behind language models, how they work and what the differences between them are. A special focus will lie on word embeddings. In the last few years, several novel approaches to word embeddings have been developed: word2vec, character embeddings such as FastText, GloVe embeddings, BERT and ELMO embeddings. Although the core idea behind these types of embeddings is the same, they each have their strengths and weaknesses, making them more or less appropriate for a certain use case. Through illustration with concrete examples and linguistic fun facts, you will gain insight in the (im)possibilities that come with language models, and learn how to pick the right one for your NLP problem.

avatar for Aleksandra Vercauteren

Aleksandra Vercauteren

After spending six years doing research in theoretical linguistics, Aleksandra decided to make a radical career move. During one year, she extensively studied everything she needed to know to start a career as a data scientist, with a special focus on Natural Language Processing... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Room 12

15:00 CEST

The path to Machine Learning: A developer’s journey
Most people are fascinated by the numerous news items about all the changes AI will bring about. The recent AI explosion was ignited by the advances in Machine learning, a branch of AI focused on building mathematical models to make predictions or decisions. A lot of developers are reluctant to explore Machine Learning because of the mathematical roots and the academical background that goes with it.
This session will prove you do not have to be a math wizard, or have a science degree to get started with Machine Learning. We will discuss the basic mathematics, the key concepts of machine learning and go through some hands-on Python code. As a bonus we will explore the current ML landscape and help you pick the right technologies to invest in.

avatar for Marc Wouters

Marc Wouters

Marc is a Software Engineer at Ordina Belgium. At Ordina he is a full stack .Net developer working with both front-end and back-end technologies. Passionate about finding the right "cure" he is always searching for new ways to develop his skills. Marc is constantly searching to improve... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Room 13

16:30 CEST

Building for Alexa with Web API
Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot have brought voice interfaces to life for the home. We will discuss ways to integrate your existing software or database into an Alexa Skill, allowing for voice-activated, meaningful interaction with a user. Using this SAAS approach, with Web API hosted on Azure can make this process easy for rapid prototyping. We will build and deploy a skill that you can use immediately with your Alexa enabled device, and discuss the challenges of the publishing journey to get in Alexa's Skill Store.

avatar for Heather Downing

Heather Downing

Climbing the technology mountain and halfway up the side. Experience in .Net, mobile applications and more recently voice interface development. Dabbles in iOT & AR/VR. Focusing on coding for humans and choosing the right tool for the job.Heather is a passionate coder and entrepreneur... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 16:30 - 17:30 CEST
Room 1
Wednesday, May 22

08:45 CEST

Computer Vision: Machine Learned Systems with Sight in Action
How is AI, Computer vision, machine learning, and mixed reality designed into innovative software built on the latest and greatest emerging technical experiences?
Join Tim Huckaby in a session focused on the power of Computer Vision: Designing, developing, and putting interactive vision-based software systems into production. 
This demo-heavy session will demonstrate and explain the components of computer vision like machine learning and demonstrate the use cases where computer vision solutions are happening.  In addition, those coming in the immediate future.  Moreover, speculate on the computer vision solutions of the future.  
This session will explain how computer vision sits in a wide-ranging area of Artificial intelligence absorbed in Ambient Intelligence - Tracking people and objects in a physical space. In many ways this is using AI to both map a physical space and activity to a digital space, and then allowing actions on top of the digital graph
This demo-heavy session will show you:
  • a number of real interactive computer vision solutions in the realm of sensors & cameras and how they are built
  • mixed reality devices that produce interactive holographic experiences. 
  • The latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning models for computer vision

avatar for Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences.Mr. Huckaby has over 35 years of technology experience including serving on a server product team as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft.  Mr... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 08:45 - 09:45 CEST
Room 8

08:45 CEST

Connecting your IoT devices to Azure
Azure offers multiple different ways to connect your IoT devices to Azure and even more options regarding data transfer. This sessions covers them and gives you ideas how to choose the right one.

avatar for Teemu Tapanila

Teemu Tapanila

Teemu Tapanila is a solution-oriented technical professional with focus Azure and mobile. He's Microsoft Azure MVP for 5 years running and believes that cloud technologies combined with great user experience are the keys to successful digital transformation. He applies his passion... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 08:45 - 09:45 CEST
Room 1

13:45 CEST

Adding Machine Learning to the Mix(ed Reality)
Mixed Reality is when you mix the real world with a computer generated world.
What if we can throw in AI into the mix?
In this session we will explore how you can use Azure Cognitive services together with Mixed Reality (HoloLens) and even how you can bring Machine learning to the device with WinML.

avatar for Jimmy Engstrom

Jimmy Engstrom

Ever since Jimmy got his first ZX Spectrum at the age of 7 he hasn’t stopped programming. During the day he is an .NET developer and he does all the fun stuff during his spare time. Together with his wife he also runs a company ”azm dev” which is focused on HoloLens and windows... Read More →
avatar for Jessica Engström

Jessica Engström

Being a geek shows in all parts of her life, whether it be organizing hackathons, running a user group and a podcast with her husband, game nights (retro or VR/MR) with friends, just catching the latest superhero movie or speaking internationally at conferences. Her favorite topics... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 13:45 - 14:45 CEST
Room 10